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This phase revolves around comprehending your key objectives, your business landscape, and assessing our ability to address your challenges. Following a thorough analysis, our team will provide recommendations for a course of action. If you find our proposal appealing, we can formally commence our collaboration.

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Depending on the recommendations, we will draw up a plan of action. During this phase we will work on the software requirements, the exact scope of the project, milestones and deadlines. We will ensure you are well-informed throughout the process and maintain flexibility in the plan to accommodate any unexpected developments.

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This is when we execute the plan. Depending on the project's specific requirements, we will employ various methodologies, such as Agile or Waterfall, during the development process. Throughout this phase, our project manager will provide you with regular updates to ensure you are well-informed about the latest developments. This phase also includes extensive testing.

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Deploy At this stage the deliverable is still not ready for end users. If it's a mobile app, it must be hosted on app stores and markets. If it's a website or a cloud based product, it has to be uploaded on third party servers and configured for traffic. This phase will address the multitude of details before your product goes live.

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Software is not forever. Your market will evolve, operating systems will get upgraded, traffic will grow and users will demand new features. These changes mean that your product will have to updated to cope with new requirements. We will maintain ongoing engagement with you to ensure that the investment you've made in software development delivers the maximum value.

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