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Electric scooters are growing in popularity due to their many advantages for urban commuting. Scooter rental apps provide an environmentally friendly transportation option that avoids fluctuating fuel prices. By partnering with an experienced provider of eScooter software development, you can launch a successful electric two-wheeler rental business.

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On-demand eScooter App Development Company

E-scooters and e-bikes are increasingly popular for daily travel due to two key benefits. First, they are an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles. Second, they eliminate worries about fluctuating fuel costs. For many commuters, e-scooters offer a convenient way to get around through rental apps that allow users to book rides for specific trips or daily rentals.

As the e-scooter sharing market expands, projected to reach $1.752 billion in revenue by 2024, companies like SunTech Applications offer on-demand eScooter app development services to help brands capitalize on this growth. By partnering with an experienced developer, e-scooter rental startups can quickly launch innovative apps to meet customer demand.

Revitalize Your Daily Travel with Our Innovative eScooter App Solutions Such As

Experience a new way to travel with Electrify Your Commute's innovative technology! Our E-Scooter App will energize your daily commute and make it more exciting.

Navigate busy city streets with ease, unlock e-scooters in seconds, and zip through traffic using our intuitive eScooter app. Track your ride in real-time, pay conveniently, and enjoy a smooth, eco-friendly thrill anytime. Electrify Your Commute is leading the future of urban mobility.

App Like Lime

We're a team of specialists dedicated to developing e-scooter Apps like Lime, that cater to your specific business requirements. Count on us to build a personalized app equipped with impressive features and a sleek design, ensuring riders enjoy a memorable experience. Collaborate with us to turn your e-scooter business aspirations into a reality.

App Like Spin

Bring your e-scooter app dreams to life with our top-notch electric scooter app development services. If industry leaders like Spin motivate you, we can make your vision a reality. Our team builds user-friendly apps that capture the spirit of Spin, improving urban transportation one ride at a time. Let's partner to shape a brighter, more connected future through e-scooter apps.

App Like Circ

Our development team is ready to transform your vision for an e-scooter app into a real product. With expertise in creating innovative transportation apps, we ensure an exceptional user experience. Let's collaborate to make an app reflecting Circ's innovation and convenience, empowering users to easily book rides, use smart location features, and enjoy fast urban transportation. Trust our skills to bring your ideas to life. We can design an app facilitating seamless city travel while aiding your business goals.

Custom eScooter App Development: The
Pivotal Features

Here are the essential features you'll want in your e-scooter sharing app.

  • Customer App
  • Admin Panel
  • Advanced Features

Customer App

  • Sign Up

    Getting started on the e-scooter app is easy. Just sign up using your phone number, email, or social media. Once your account is set, future logins are a breeze with a chosen username and password.

  • Profile Setup

    The app makes setting up and managing your profile simple. Add or change details like your name, contact number, email, and more. You can also customize your privacy settings according to your preferences.

  • Find My Scooter

    For convenience, choose where you want to pick up your e-scooter. If you're using it for a single trip, set a specific drop-off location.

  • Payment Options

    We offer various ways to pay for your e-scooter rental. Pick your preferred method – whether it's net banking, credit card, or debit card.

  • Share Your Ride

    Our app lets you share a ride with another commuter. Find nearby riders willing to share the trip with you. It's easy with GPS navigation.

  • Check Your Fare

    Before you start your ride, the app calculates the fare for your journey. See the estimated cost to keep things transparent.

  • See Your History

    Check your past rides and expenses with the comprehensive booking history feature. The calendar makes it easy to find details by selecting the date you want.

  • Navigate in Real Time

    Our app not only guides you on the route but also shows nearby battery charging stations and repair spots in real time, making your ride smoother.

  • Get Help

    If you run into any problems or emergencies, use the app to ask for assistance. Our help and support system is here to address your concerns promptly and ensure a smooth experience.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard

    The dashboard feature gives the admin the necessary tools to manage all user and management-related tasks efficiently. Through the dashboard, the admin can easily monitor earnings, track scooter locations, view completed and upcoming requests, and much more.

  • User Management

    User Management allows the admin to have full control over user profiles. They can view, edit, or delete profiles as needed. In case of any issues, the admin can lock or unlock profiles and reset passwords.

  • Rider Management

    With Rider Management, the admin can closely monitor a rider's activity. This includes tracking vehicles and checking their availability. It provides a comprehensive overview of all ongoing rides.

  • Vehicle Management

    Vehicle Management is designed for admins to closely observe the status of vehicles. This enables efficient management and maintenance of e-scooters. The admin can check the battery charging status and other maintenance activities about the vehicles.

  • Earnings

    Earnings are fully customizable by the app owner or admin. They have access to view total earnings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Moreover, they can effectively manage refunds or cash-back transactions through this feature.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Reports and analytics play a crucial role in aiding strategic decision-making for business activities. Admins can generate reports with just a single click in an appropriate framework. These reports could include earnings reports as well as reports on riders who have utilized the app's services.

Additional Features

  • Station Management

    The Station Management feature is highly advantageous for both users and administrators. It provides the convenience of checking the availability of vehicles at specific parking locations, enabling customers to make informed choices. Additionally, administrators can efficiently manage the fleet of vehicles.

  • Promotion

    With the Promotion feature, app administrators can effectively run promotional campaigns through their dashboard, captivating the attention of new users. Moreover, they can intriguingly engage existing customers by utilizing coupon codes.

  • In-App Chat

    The In-App Chat functionality facilitates seamless communication between users and admins. Users have the freedom to directly message the admin or support team whenever immediate assistance is required.

  • ID Verification

    To ensure user authentication, ID Verification is an essential feature. Users are prompted to upload images or scanned copies of their two-wheeler driving license for verification purposes. Subsequently, admins will be notified and proceed with verification.

  • Multilingual Support

    By implementing Multilingual Support, you can significantly expand your customer base. This feature allows users to interact with your team in their preferred language, fostering a strong connection between your e-scooter rental business and its customers.

  • QR Code

    Upon completing payment, users will receive a generated QR code on their app screen. Once scanned by the parking station team, they can initiate their ride promptly and effortlessly.

How Does It Works?

We offer valuable support to businesses focused on renting e-scooters and bikes. By leveraging advanced technology and staying updated on current trends, we create customized e-scooter mobile apps tailored to meet their specific rental requirements. These points illustrate how an uber like eScooter sharing app works:

  • 1


    Users log in to the e-scooter app and choose a vehicle for their journey from one location to another.

  • 2


    Once logged in, users make their payment using their preferred method. The admin is notified, and a QR code appears on the user's app screen.

  • 3

    Vehicle Assignment

    Presenting the QR code at the station allows staff to scan it and provide access to the chosen vehicle for the customer.

  • 4

    Real-Time Tracking

    After the ride starts, the admin or vehicle owner can track the live location of both users and vehicles.

  • 5

    Rating & Feedback

    Upon completing the ride, users have the option to share their feedback and rate the eScooter service provider.

Complete Range of On-Demand eScooter App Development Solutions by SunTech Applications

Recognized as a leading e-scooter app development company, SunTech Applications is highly regarded for its exceptional mobile app services catering to international brands. Whether you require Android, iOS, or cross-platform apps, we have the expertise to deliver customized solutions for your e-scooter rental business.

Our on-demand eScooter app solutions core parts include:

App for Users

A variety of features are available to users on the website or app, including sign-up and login options, a search function to easily find scooters or mopeds, detailed information about e-scooter rental station locations, multiple payment methods, and additional resources for everyday use.

App For Vendors

Fleet owners will be interested in renting their e-scooters to commuters for daily rides. Through a vendor panel, they can easily keep tabs on their vehicles, monitor their status, manage earnings, and much more.

Web Admin Panel

Using the web admin panel, business owners can keep an eye on all the things happening in the app, like what users and vendors are doing. This panel is always connected to the dashboard, making it easy for the admin to handle different aspects of the business smoothly.

The following are the other solutions that you can demand from us regarding your eScooter business.

e-scooter Rental iOS App
e-scooter Rental Android App
eScooter Ride Booking App
eScooter Fleet Management App
Scooter Sharing Software
E-bike Ride Sharing App
eScooter Tracking App
Moped Rental App
And guess what? We love a good challenge! It's always a thrill for us to customize the product according to the client's requirements. So, with us, you not only get a solution but a unique and tailored electric scooter app. Ready for your next big thing? Let's make it happen!
SunTech Apps

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On-Demand eScooter mobile App Development Services

As a leading e-scooter app development company, SunTech Applications offers highly effective solutions for businesses looking to expand their operations. Our team of experts develops innovative solutions that empower electric scooter companies to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and their preferences. By leveraging our solutions, businesses can attract new customers and achieve significant growth in the long run.

We use advanced technology to create a user-friendly app for managing e-scooters. If you're looking for the latest in mobile app development for e-scooters, we suggest discussing your requirements with us.

eScooter Ride Sharing App Development Cost Estimation

Several factors influence the cost of developing an e-scooter ride-sharing app. The following are key factors that affect the cost:


Decide whether you want to create your next e-scooter rental app for software, websites, or mobile devices. Each platform-based solution comes with a different cost.


The features you include in your electric scooter sharing app impact the overall cost. More advanced features will make the app more expensive compared to a basic version.

Graphic Design

For the best user experience, your app, allowing on-demand e-moped rentals, should be visually attractive and stunning. Certain tools, often paid, are recommended for the implementation process.

Stable Server

For a mobile app, having a reliable backend is vital as it ensures uninterrupted usage for a multitude of users. The development of the backend plays a significant role in determining the overall cost.

Tech Stack

This is a general term describing the combination of technology needed for both backend and frontend development. The technology stack includes internal programming tools, UI/UX design tools, and database technology.


To effectively manage user information, app interactions, financial transactions, and other tasks, a server necessitates a sufficient amount of database storage. Limited functionality simply cannot meet the extensive requirements of these operations.

Application Security

Given the rise in cyber-attacks, privacy and data security are significant concerns. The cost of implementing security measures impacts the overall cost estimate.

App Testing

Assure the smooth and error-free performance of your application. Through the use of software, quality assurance specialists rigorously test and verify the proper functioning of your application in real-time.

Why Choose Us for eScooter App Development?

Our main focus is making a great app for you. We're good at making apps and promise to create one for renting scooters that will help your business succeed. What makes us special is that we think about what you need like we're one of your customers, and that sets us apart from other companies.


Creative Solutions

For all your project development needs, we've got the right resources. Our team of eScooter mobile app developers boasts extensive experience in crafting innovative solutions.


Competitive Rates

Discover the most competitive prices for eScooter mobile app development with us. Recognizing the importance of your budget, we assure you of affordable solutions without any hidden costs or additional expenses.


Punctual Delivery

Ensuring on-time delivery is ingrained in our approach. Our team of skilled app development experts understands what it takes to deliver your app promptly, guaranteeing a fully functional product.


Support & Maintenance

Even after the development phase, count on us for top-notch support and maintenance services. Reach out to us anytime if you encounter any issues, and our experts will assist you based on their expertise.



Planning for the future? Our services are designed to facilitate the growth of your business and services. Scalability is just one of the aspects we prioritize when working on your project.

Benefits of Using Our On-Demand Scooter Rental App Development Services

Our eScooter rental app development solutions come with several advantages that can contribute to significant business growth.

  • Easy Onboarding

    We ensure a smooth onboarding experience for users. Our e-scooter ride-sharing app solutions are designed to make the onboarding process not only easy but also interesting.

  • Smooth Communication

    Our scooter rental app is equipped with a robust chat and call feature, making communication between users and vendors seamless and efficient.

  • No Hidden Costs

    Rest assured, there are no unexpected costs. The app development cost remains consistent as per the agreement we establish with you, providing transparency in our dealings.

  • Flexible Hiring Model

    Tailor your hiring approach to fit your needs. Whether you opt for full-time, part-time, or hourly hiring, our flexible model allows you to choose what suits you best.

  • Latest Tech Stack

    We utilize the latest technology stack for app development. Our developers have expertise in using the tools and technologies essential for cutting-edge development, ensuring your app stays ahead in terms of innovation.

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Frequently asked question

  • How much does it cost to develop an eScooter app?

    For the development of an eScooter app near me, the cost required for a single platform version falls within the range of $15,000 to $40,000. However, if you require an enhanced version or an app that caters to multiple platforms, the cost may vary accordingly.

  • Give me some examples of top-notch eScooter apps?

  • What are the critical features of e-scooter app development?

  • Why are eScooters so popular nowadays?


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