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Here at SunTech Applications, we specialize in developing secure and feature-rich mobile wallet applications for various purposes. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable solution that replaces traditional cash transfers. Whether you need an Android, iPhone, or Wearable Devices E-wallet, we have the expertise to deliver platform-oriented solutions. Our team utilizes the latest tech stack for app development, ensuring that our solutions are cutting-edge and promising. Trust us to provide you with a top-notch mobile wallet application that meets your needs.

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Digital Wallet Software Development

Using a mobile wallet has become a popular trend among consumers who prefer not to carry cash. With just a smartphone and a linked bank account, users can make payments within seconds through online wallet apps.

According to experts, the value of mobile wallet transactions is projected to reach 682,440 million USD by 2022. And by 2025, this number is expected to grow even further to 1,071,636 million USD. If you're considering creating a digital wallet app for your business, seeking assistance from a digital wallet app development company is highly recommended.

At SunTech Applications, we offer top-notch e-wallet app development services that allow you to be part of this modern digital revolution. Our team of experienced app developers have a proven track record in designing and developing e-wallet apps that meet diverse business needs and enhance user experience.

Welcome a Future Without Cash Using E-Wallet App Solutions Like

Welcome to the future of seamless financial transactions. Our revolutionary Digital Wallet app provides a gateway to a cashless tomorrow. With our cutting-edge IT solutions, you can easily and securely pay on the go. Simply download the app and say goodbye to fumbling with loose change. Hello to the swift, secure payments at your fingertips!

Experience the convenience and efficiency of digital transactions with our cutting-edge technology, empowering businesses and individuals to embrace a cashless future. Join us on this transformative journey and revolutionize the way we transact with our game-changing Digital Wallet app solutions.

App Like GooglePay

Be part of the digital revolution! Imagine your app being as amazing as GooglePay. We can create something that's both easy to use and secure, making transactions smooth and hassle-free. Let's team up to create an app that focuses on users and brings your vision to life. Together, we can change the future of mobile payments and leave a lasting impression!

App Like Paypal

Welcome to the world of digital finance! Envision developing an app modeled after the phenomenal PayPal that gives users around the world an easy way to manage their money. Seamlessly combine convenience, security, and innovation to transform online transactions when you design a wallet app. Let's start this journey to empower people financially and shape the future of digital payments.

App Like Cash

Join us on an exciting journey to reimagine peer-to-peer payments and empower users with a revolutionary application that merges convenience, speed, and trust. By seamlessly integrating these elements, we aim to disrupt the landscape of digital money transfers with rapid, secure transactions that rival Cash. Come aboard this transformative endeavor to help shape the future of frictionless finance.

e-Wallet App Development: The
Pivotal Features

With SunTech Applications, you have access to a wide selection of options for mobile wallet app development solutions. Our offerings include Android mobile wallet apps, iPhone e-wallet apps, and other e-wallet solutions. We prioritize the creation of a secure and convenient application that enables swift and effortless payments.

  • User App
  • Merchant App
  • Advanced Features

User App

  • User Registration

    Users have the option to register in the app using their email or by linking their social media accounts.

  • Authorizing Bank Account

    The app allows users to securely register their bank accounts, making instant transactions more convenient.

  • Adding Balance

    Users can easily add funds to their app accounts for seamless transactions.

  • Checking Balance

    After each transaction, users can conveniently check their app balance.

  • Transferring Money

    Users have the flexibility to transfer money anytime and from anywhere within the app.

  • Bill Payments

    Our advanced Digital Wallet app enables users to effortlessly pay phone, TV, and other expenses.

  • Offer Notifications

    Stay informed about the latest app offers, promotional deals, and loyalty rewards through reminders or push notifications.

  • Invite Friends or Referrals

    Easily invite friends or referrals to join the app for hassle-free fund transfers.

  • Transaction History

    Access and review your transaction history directly on the app for a transparent financial overview.

  • Splitting Bills

    Effortlessly split bills between friends or other users with this convenient feature of the app.

  • Transfer of Funds

    Users can seamlessly transfer funds to other user accounts without any hassle.

  • Budgeting Tool

    Effectively manage your overall budget with ease using this innovative tool available on our app.

Merchant App

  • Interactive Dashboard

    The Digital Wallet app provides an interactive dashboard that offers vendors valuable insights through high-quality statistics on sales, purchases, and transaction lists.

  • Creating QR Code

    Vendors can create QR codes, enabling them to easily receive payments from their customers.

  • Adding Products

    Multiple products can be added by vendors, along with their corresponding prices, on the mobile wallet app.

  • EMI Option

    To enhance transaction convenience for their customers, the vendors can also offer an attractive EMI option.

  • Managing Customers

    Vendors can efficiently manage customer lists and transactions by accessing all relevant information.

  • Managing Staff

    By adding staff credentials and managing profiles, vendors can effectively handle their team members' responsibilities.

  • Withdrawing Money

    With the eWallet app, vendors have the flexibility to withdraw funds directly into their bank accounts.

  • Creating Events

    Vendors can generate specialized events within the advanced e-wallet platform catered toward customer interests.

  • Offering Loyalty Rewards

    Loyalty rewards can be offered to customers through push notifications concerning transactions and exclusive offers.

  • Promotional Offers

    Cashback offers and discounts can be provided to customers as part of promotional campaigns tied to specific transactions.

  • Push Notifications

    Proper push notifications regarding transactions and offers can be sent by vendors directly to end users.

Additional Features

  • Near Field Communication (NFC)

    Our company specializes in ensuring seamless and secure transactions between Ewallet device transmitters and NFC-enabled smartphones.

  • iBeacon and Bluetooth

    We offer iBeacon, a popular Bluetooth-based technology that enables quick and convenient payment transfers without the need for card swiping.

  • QR Code

    Our mobile payment apps are equipped with powerful QR code scanners, adding an extra layer of convenience to your wallet experience.

  • Backup Feature

    For your peace of mind, our Android and iPhone wallet apps are designed with automatic backup features to safeguard your valuable information.

  • Reward Point

    As a token of appreciation, we provide exclusive reward points to our users with each transaction they make.

  • Transactions History

    You can easily track and review your transactions with our online payment transfer app, which provides detailed transaction histories for all users.

How Does It Works?

When it comes to e-wallet solutions, SunTech Applications stands out as the top choice. We provide a wide range of services that address both your standard e-wallet needs and customized e-wallet mobile applications. To understand how our mobile wallet application functions, let's delve into the step-by-step process outlined below.

  • 1

    Simplified Registration Process

    Users can easily register on the e-wallet app with accurate user verification, making the process seamless and efficient.

  • 2

    Effortless Fund Transfer

    With enhanced security protocols in place, users can enjoy a hassle-free fund transfer experience. Both the receiver and sender can trust in the smoothness of the transaction.

  • 3

    Convenient Payments & Recharge

    In addition to fund transfers, this e-wallet solution makes bill payments and recharge feel like fun. Users can also take advantage of cashback offers and coupons.

  • 4

    Instant Notifications

    Stay updated at all times with push notifications that keep users informed about transactions and new offers.

  • 5

    Simple Shopping Experience

    With smart e-wallet app solutions, shopping becomes a breeze. Users can easily pay for their purchases through QR code scanning and other convenient options.

  • 6

    Top-notch Security Measures

    Rest assured knowing that the mobile e-wallet app incorporates the latest security mechanisms, providing customers with peace of mind against cyber threats.

Complete Range of Digital Wallet App Development Solutions By SunTech Applications

SunTech Applications is a globally trusted company that develops mobile apps and custom software for diverse industries. Our expertise in creating seamless, industry-leading mobile e-wallet apps enables us to fulfill any mobile application need or launch apps in app stores.

Our ewallet app solutions include following:

App for Users

The e-wallet app offers a comprehensive range of functionalities, including user registration, bank account authorization, balance check, funds transfer, notifications, and billing history. Furthermore, the app boasts numerous additional features that significantly contribute to its overall functionality.

App For Merchant

Merchants find this solution highly effective as it enables them to efficiently handle their tasks. This encompasses various functionalities such as generating QR codes, adding products, managing customers, and more. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive merchant dashboard for seamless management.

Admin Panel

With the dashboard, the app admin or app owners have full control over the overall activity. They are in charge of handling reporting, analysis, payment tracking, account activation/deactivation, and more for users and merchants.

You can demand mentioned following solutions, including the core components-

Mobile Wallet App Development
Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
Custom Ewallet App Development
Mobile Wallet Integration
Money Management App Solutions
POS Payment Solution Development
P2P Money Transfer App Development
International Money Transfer App
And guess what? We love a good challenge! It's always a thrill for us to customize the product according to the client's requirements. So, with us, you not only get a solution but a unique and tailored Digital Wallet App. Ready for your next big thing? Let's make it happen!
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Digital Wallet App Development Services

The use of Digital Wallet technology has brought many benefits to both businesses and consumers. As a global contributor, SunTech Applications takes pride in creating innovative Digital Wallet solutions for businesses around the world. Our team of skilled app developers is well-versed in the complexities of developing these applications.

Our main focus is on providing the best user experience. We aim to create Digital Wallets that help businesses reach their goals. When it comes to Digital Wallet app development services, choosing SunTech Applications ensures a significant return on investment.

Digital Wallet App Development Cost Estimation

The cost to develop a Digital Wallet app comprises multiple expenses for the various components needed to build a high-quality app. These include expenditures for design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance.

Our Digital Wallet app development professionals provide the following estimates for Digital Wallet app development costs:

UI/UX Components

Customer engagement is greatly enhanced by the use of UI/UX components. Digital Wallet apps have become widely popular among billions of people worldwide. However, it's important to note that implementing UI/UX also comes with costs.

Digital Wallet Robust Backend

A solid backend infrastructure is a crucial component for any Digital Wallet app to ensure its full functionality. There are various options available for implementing this, ranging from open-source software to paid solutions. The choice made will ultimately impact the overall cost.

Digital Wallet Platform

The selection of platforms plays a significant role in determining the price of an Digital Wallet app. Many developers and businesses focus on developing applications for both Android and iOS, each requiring different investment levels.

Digital Wallet Features

The success and user satisfaction of a mobile application heavily depend on its features. Implementing advanced features requires the utilization of cutting-edge technology, which in turn increases costs.

Digital Wallet Tech Stack

A well-rounded tech stack is essential for developing a high-quality e-wallet app. This includes front-end development tools, back-end development tools, database integration tools, graphic design tools, and more.

E-Wallet Third-Party Integration

Third-party integrations can significantly enhance an app's functionality. However, they also come with associated costs that need to be taken into consideration during the development process.

Data Security

Data security is of utmost importance for e-wallet apps that are involved in financial transactions and linked to bank accounts. These apps need to implement robust security measures to safeguard against cyberattacks.

App Testing

Testing the performance and functionality of e-wallet apps is essential to ensure their proper functioning. While manual testing can be carried out, using paid tools can yield more precise results. However, it's important to note that utilizing such tools may impact the overall cost of developing e-wallet software.

Why Choose Us For Digital Wallet App Development?

We are a leading mobile wallet development company with over a decade of experience. You can trust us to deliver the best possible products and results for your next ultra-modern e-wallet application. Here are some reasons why we are the ideal choice for your project:


Vulnerability Management

Our team of expert Digital Wallet app developers meticulously examines and resolves any bugs or errors in the digital wallet application before its launch.


Application Security

We take comprehensive steps to safeguard the source code and black box, ensuring the utmost safety of tap-and-pay apps. Our priority is to fortify the Digital Wallet app against every potential threat.


Penetration Testing

A series of rigorous penetration tests are conducted to ensure that the mobile payment app remains resilient against external threats.


User-Friendly Design

We prioritize developing applications that are not only user-friendly but also enjoyable for users of all backgrounds.


Enhancing User Experience

Our dedicated developers incorporate a wide range of amazing features into your Digital Wallet app, such as offer generation, code generation, seasonal offers generation, and more. These additions significantly contribute to customer satisfaction.


Cutting-Edge Solutions for Today's World

Rest assured that we will build your e-wallet app using the most advanced tech stack available. This guarantees seamless compatibility without any hindrances.

Benefits of Our Digital Wallet App Development Services

  • Ease of Use

    Our team has developed mobile e-wallet apps that are incredibly user-friendly. Both customers and vendors will find them easy to navigate and use.

  • Highly Discoverable

    One great feature of our apps is that they link all in-app transactions to a single entity, ensuring transparency and making the entire process easily searchable.

  • Accurate Payments

    With our Digital Wallet app, users can make accurate payments with confidence, knowing that the amount being transferred is correct.

  • Effective Time Management

    Time management is also made easier with digital wallets. Our app sends notifications for bill payments and recharge due dates, helping users stay organized.

  • Secure Payments

    Security is a top priority for us. The digital wallet we've designed and developed is highly secure and foolproof, giving users peace of mind when making payments.

  • User-friendly Interface

    Finally, our interactive Digital Wallet app comes with a user-friendly interface that enhances the overall user experience. We strive to make every interaction smooth and enjoyable for our users.

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Frequently asked question

  • How to develop a mobile wallet app?

    Here are some essential features to consider when evaluating a mobile wallet application:

    • Integration of major payment gateways.
    • Incorporation of debit/credit cards and bank accounts for seamless transactions.
    • Ability to transfer funds from the wallet to a linked bank account.
    • Convenient bill payment options for utilities and other expenses.
    • Tracking functionality for monitoring transaction history and account balance.
    • Seamless integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems for easy in-store payments.
    • Additional advanced features to enhance the user experience and security measures.
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  • How much does it cost to make your own mobile E-wallet App?

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  • What are the types of mobile wallets that you can develop?

  • How long it will take to develop an Digital Wallet app that reflects well?


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