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Hire Offshore PHP Developers for Dynamic & Interactive Website Development!

Hey there! Need Offshore PHP developers for your team? Look no further! We're SunTech Applications, and we're not your average Offshore PHP website development company. We're the go-to folks for startups, midsize companies, and big global players. Picture this: solutions that aren't just up-to-date but are like the superheroes of scalability and trend compatibility. Yup, that's us. Hiring our Offshore PHP developers? It's not just a smart move; it's a game-changer. Ready to level up your digital game? Dive into the SunTech Apps experience – where innovation meets expertise. Your PHP journey starts here!

Dedicated Offshore PHP Developers for Hire

PHP stands tall as a versatile platform, granting Offshore PHP developers the freedom to craft robust and visually stunning web portals, websites, and applications. Its exceptional frameworks offer flexibility, making it a top pick for Dedicated Offshore PHP developers. However, like any development platform, PHP has its complexities, and finding a team that can bring out the wow factor is no walk in the park.

Bring Your Services Onto Customer Doorsteps Seamlessly!

Looking to snag top freelance Offshore PHP developers at a budget-friendly rate? Enter SunTech Applications, a certified PHP website Development Company. We're not just another player; we're the game-changers who tackle modern digital challenges head-on. Our Offshore PHP development services are a testament to world-class solutions – responsive, scalable, and customized to fit your enterprise like a glove.

Our team comprises dedicated Offshore PHP developers and programmers, certified wizards in the realm of PHP sorcery. Armed with years of know-how, they don't just work; they craft solutions that deliver tangible business results. We bring the wow factor out of PHP's complexities, seamlessly weaving a digital tapestry that caters to your unique needs.

At SunTech Applications, we don't just meet expectations; we exceed them. Our goal is simple – to bring your services directly to your customers' doorsteps. Imagine the convenience, the impact! It's not just about hiring offshore PHP web development company; it's about partnering with pioneers who transform challenges into opportunities.

Hire Offshore PHP Developers For Quality Services

PHP stands out as an exceptional choice for crafting websites, web applications, and PWAs. In a market where numerous businesses strive for a robust online presence, a meticulously designed website with a powerful backend is indispensable. Here are key reasons why choosing our services is the ideal solution for your needs:


Custom PHP Development

Our remote Offshore PHP developers and programmers take careful steps to ensure the products we offer are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. They perform a high level of customization work and enhance the solution with additional features, assuring a final product that perfectly matches your business needs.


E-Commerce Development

We enable you to build a reputation in the e-commerce space by leveraging our development expertise to solve operational and coverage challenges.


Offshore PHP Web Development

We offer complete solutions for website development, ensuring that your web projects will run smoothly across devices. Suntech Applications has experienced freelance Offshore PHP developers and programmers who have complete knowledge of the latest version of PHP to use for effective website development.


Web Portal Development

We improve the performance of your websites with advanced features, ensuring security and flexibility. Our certified Offshore PHP web developers play an important role in expanding your business to a wider audience.


Corporate Website Development

We hold the essential tools, strategies, and developer resources, allowing us to deliver a strong and high-performing corporate website for your needs.


Web Application Development

Creating responsive, native, and hybrid web applications expands your business and brings offshore business opportunities to your company with our offshore php apps development services.

Our Portfolio

For years Suntech Applications has been delivering websites and applications that serve as benchmarks for others in the tech domain to follow. Some of these high-value products, a result of our exceptional expertise in cutting-edge technologies and solutions, include:

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Explore our e-commerce web design expertise through a showcase that demonstrates our capacity to craft visually appealing and user-friendly online shopping platforms. See how we blend design finesse with seamless shopping experiences.

a screenshot of a website
  • Client :BRAD


Take a look at our showcase of blog site designs that enhance the impact of your content. Experience how we transform layouts into immersive platforms for storytelling and information sharing.

a person lying in a tent
  • Client :Jack


Discover our PHP development expertise through a real estate project that seamlessly integrates property listings, advanced search features, and user interactions. See firsthand how we transform code into captivating property showcases.

a screenshot of a website
  • Client :David


Dive into our SaaS application development showcase, where we demonstrate how we transform complex workflows into user-friendly digital solutions, fostering productivity and growth. Witness the marriage of technology and functionality in action.

a person touching a screen
  • Client :Andrew


Check out our portfolio's kitchen website development project, where we combine design creativity with user-centric features, delivering a seamless online experience for food enthusiasts. Explore how we bring gastronomy to the digital forefront..

a screenshot of a website
  • Client :Maxi


Delve into our digital marketing services project tailored for the sports betting industry, showcasing how we amplify online presence and drive engagement through strategic campaigns. See how we elevate the game for sports betting brands in the digital arena.

a screenshot of a sports game
  • Client :Mitchel


Uncover our showcase of software product development for firm websites, where we translate intricate concepts into user-friendly digital tools, empowering businesses with efficiency and advanced capabilities. Witness our commitment to cutting-edge technology in action.

a person sitting in a chair
  • Client :David

Expertise of our Freelance Offshore PHP Developers in these Industries

So far, our hired Offshore PHP developer has successfully delivered and implemented numerous industry-grade PHP applications, all functioning seamlessly in real-time. As a reputable web development company, we consistently enforce stringent measures to ensure the creation of high-quality web applications.

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Real Estate & Property

Obtain a high-quality website for your real estate business and deliver services that outshine what others may be lacking in the industry.

Expertise Image

With the increased demand for creative solutions in education, help by launching an interactive and visually appealing website.

Expertise Image

Take your on-demand business to greater heights by enlisting dedicated Offshore PHP developers to craft a results-driven on-demand web solution.

Expertise Image
Service Marketplace

Get a dynamic service marketplace portal and gather sellers and buyers worldwide in one centralized platform.

Expertise Image

Own state-of-the-art healthcare and clinical digital solutions for the effective management of your healthcare business, covering hospital and patient management.

Expertise Image

Instead of adhering to traditional methods and using standard solutions for your fintech business, choose cutting-edge solutions with the expertise of our available Offshore PHP developers for hire.

Expertise Image

Commence the establishment of your sports website and amaze sports enthusiasts worldwide with a creative and unique online platform.

Expertise Image
Event & Tickets

Assist your customers in effortlessly securing tickets for events or their preferred shows.

Expertise Image
Travel & Tours

A well-designed travel website is the key to providing a high-quality service to your clients, therefore, hire a Offshore PHP developer program to ensure a flawless website for your travel business.

Expertise Image
Food & Restaurant

Extend the reach of your restaurant and food business to enjoy the advantages.

Expertise Image

Obtain a website resembling Amazon's and elevate your e-commerce business to the next level.

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Benefits of Hire Offshore PHP Developers

  • Real-Time Web Application Development
  • High-Quality Web Apps
  • Customized PHP Development
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Scalable PHP Products
  • Hassle-Free Project Management
  • Optimized Development Cost
  • Optimized Development Cost
  • Business Focused Products
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Technologies & Tools that we use in Offshore PHP Application Development

Whether it's a web app or a website, we never compromise on the required tech stack for development. That's why, with us, you'll discover the latest technology stack paired with an experienced team of freelance Offshore PHP developers who will skillfully create a PHP web application or website for you.


  • Laravel
  • Cake PHP
  • Code Igniter
  • Zend & others.


  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript
  • Ajax
  • JSON
  • XML & others.


  • phpMyAdmin
  • MySQL
  • Wamp
  • Xampp
  • Apache & others.


  • Wordpress
  • OpenCart
  • Joomla
  • Drupal & others.

Why Hire Offshore PHP Developers?

A significant chunk of websites on the internet run on PHP. What makes PHP stand out is its robust support for server-side programming, setting it apart from other technologies. At SunTech Applications, a forefront offshore php development company, you'll discover experienced Offshore PHP developers ready to turn your ideas into a tangible, real-life web application.

Over 1500 Happy Customers
Guaranteed SLAs
Implemented more than 2500+ projects
8+ year of experience
Flexible Engagement
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Hire Offshore PHP Developers for different Frameworks

When hiring offshore PHP developers, it's important to consider their expertise in various PHP frameworks. Here are some popular PHP frameworks for which you can hire offshore developers:

  • Hire PHP Laravel Developers

    Laravel is a widely used PHP framework known for its elegant syntax and modular packaging system. It's great for building web applications with complex backend requirements.

  • Hire Symfony Developers

    Symfony is a mature framework that provides a set of reusable components for developing web applications. It's known for its stability and flexibility.

  • Hire CodeIgniter Developers

    CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP framework that's well-suited for developing dynamic websites. It's known for its small footprint and high performance.

  • Hire Yii Developers

    Yii is a high-performance PHP framework best for developing large-scale web applications. It's known for its security features and rapid development capabilities.

  • Hire Zend Framework Developers

    Zend Framework is a collection of professional PHP packages suitable for developing web applications. It's known for its flexibility and robustness.

  • Hire FuelPHP Developers

    FuelPHP is a flexible full-stack PHP framework that's great for developing web applications. It's known for its HMVC (Hierarchical Model-View-Controller) architecture.

  • Hire Slim Developers

    Slim is a micro-framework suitable for developing small web applications and APIs. It's known for its simplicity and flexibility.

  • Hire Apache Tapestry Developers

    Apache Tapestry is a component-based Java web application framework that's not a PHP framework. It's used for building robust web applications in Java, not PHP.

When hiring offshore PHP developers, consider their expertise in these frameworks based on your project requirements and the specific features offered by each framework.

Our Iconic Offshore PHP Development Solutions Process

Experience and Expertise evoking Innovation.


Project analysis and consultation with domain experts


Agile team approval & project deliverables defined


Contract sign up and projects kick-off with agile sprint plan


Agile sprint execution and delivery

Variety of Hiring Models

Various Hiring Models Tailored to Diverse Enterprise Requirements


Full Time

Hiring Offshore PHP developers for full-day commitments, inclusive of daily work reports and regular updates on the development status.


Part Time

Hiring remote Offshore PHP developers for part-time engagements, requiring the submission of regular work reports and providing updates on the development status.



Hiring freelance Offshore PHP developers on an hourly basis, with the expectation of receiving daily work reports and providing regular updates on the development status.

Hire Remote Offshore PHP Developers

Are you in search of budget-friendly Offshore PHP development? We could be the solution to all your inquiries. Choose our highly skilled & experienced and hire remote Offshore PHP developers for cost-effective, prompt, and efficient development services.

Suntech Applications


PHP Developer

Possessing extensive knowledge and practical experience, Patrick has successfully completed numerous intricate PHP projects, with some still in progress.

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
  • MySql
  • API
  • Ajax
  • HTML & CSS
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SunTech Applications


PHP Developer

With expertise in enterprise-grade PHP programming, Sara stands out as one of the ideal choices for PHP development.

  • PHP
  • Ajax
  • MySql
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
  • API
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SunTech Applications


PHP Developer

He is very fond of programming, and challenges thrill him a lot. Due to this specialty, John has accomplished many benchmarks to date.

  • API
  • JavaScript
  • MySql
  • Jquery
  • HTML & CSS
  • PHP
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Frequently Asked Questions

Many users often inquire about why PHP is considered the best. In the realm of web development, PHP stands out for several reasons: fast loading time, cost-effectiveness, affordable hosting prices, compatibility with multiple databases, and numerous opportunities to hire a Offshore PHP developer.

The future of PHP looks promising as it has undergone numerous advancements since its launch. When it comes to website development or web application development, PHP stands out as a highly promising technology. Hiring a PHP programmer for enterprise web development is indeed a worthwhile choice.

When it comes to hiring an Offshore PHP developer, there are multiple options available. You can choose to hire Offshore developers as freelancers through a company or individually for your own needs. Each option has its merits, but it's crucial to ensure the developer has sufficient experience. Opting for a PHP development company is often considered the best choice, as they can oversee your project comprehensively and handle all tasks from start to finish.

Without a doubt, PHP is renowned for its security prowess. It stands on par with other major programming languages in terms of security and excellence. With a variety of frameworks and tools at its disposal, PHP is well-equipped to meet all your web development requirements.

When considering hiring a Offshore PHP developer on a project basis, the initial cost for a basic application is typically around $10,000. This rate may increase for more complex applications, reaching up to $100,000. Alternatively, you can opt for an hourly rate for php developers, which typically ranges between $25 to $50 per hour.

Absolutely, our Offshore PHP developers are all about whipping up dynamic web apps that play nice on mobile. They've already cooked up a bunch for big-name international brands, and their experience is on point. Trust me, they're the perfect pick for the job.

There are numerous advantages to hiring a Offshore PHP developer from SunTech Applications. We boast an experienced team of Offshore PHP developers for hire with deep knowledge, and to date, they have successfully delivered and deployed multiple projects.

We follow a distinctive process for project development. Upon choosing us, the next step involves a discussion of your requirements and project specifications. This enables us to formulate a customized strategy for the rapid and optimal development of your project, aligning closely with your specific requirements.

Certainly, you can depend on us for support and maintenance. Our team operates around the clock to offer the best assistance. Opting for our maintenance services means that we will vigilantly monitor your project, attending to both major and minor details to ensure its optimal performance.

We specialize in PHP web development, mobile app development, software development, and on-demand mobile app development. Feel free to reach out to us for any of these services.

The advantage of PHP technology lies in its versatility, allowing the creation of various types of web software and websites. Here are some applications that you can achieve with the assistance of a hired Offshore PHP developer:
  • Web Apps
  • Website
  • Social Media Site
  • E-commerce website
  • CMS(Content Management System)
  • GUI Based Applications
  • Create Flash
  • Image Processing Applications
  • Data Representation

We consistently prioritize delivering unique solutions for our clients, adhering to a structured process. While the specific steps may vary based on the project, the common steps we typically follow include:
  • Requirement gathering
  • Project analysis and consultation
  • Specific team formation and discussion
  • Defining project deliverables
  • Contract Sign-up
  • Project Kick-of
  • Testing
  • Delivery & deployment

With us, you can hire Offshore PHP developers in three modes –

  • Full Time
  • Part-Time
  • Hourly Basis
  • The hiring of developers depends on the nature of the project and your specific requirements. While all the options mentioned above have their merits, in terms of achieving excellent results, hiring full-time developers is particularly worthwhile. This ensures a dedicated commitment to the project and on-time delivery.

Several PHP frameworks have been introduced over time, each performing well based on its application. However, if you're interested in the top 10 frameworks, here they are:

  • Laravel
  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Symfony
  • Zend Framework
  • FuelPHP
  • Slim
  • Phalcon
  • Aura
  • Yii 2

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I want you to know that everyone is very impressed and pleased with the work of your entire team. I cannot say enough how much of a pleasure it has been working with each of them.
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