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Hey there! At SunTech Applications, we're all about teaming up with pharmacy chains, e-pharmacy startups, and hospitals to make ordering medicine a breeze. Our cool pharmacy delivery software and pharmacy home delivery app solutions are here to shake things up and make life easier for you. Ready to dive into a world of seamless medicine ordering? Let's do this together!

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On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development Company

The revolutionary online pharmacy delivery application is a game-changer! Envision this: effortlessly ordering your prescribed medications from the comfort of your home – it's the trend that everyone is talking about.

Now, consider this: the mobile health market is projected to reach an impressive $189 billion. And brace yourself, the online pharmacy sector? It's anticipated to surge to $31,331.70 million by 2025. That's some substantial figures!

Guess what experienced a surge during the chaotic period of the Pandemic-19? You guessed it – the development of pharmacy delivery apps skyrocketed, thanks to the overwhelming demand. So, if you're a pharmacy business ready to launch your exceptional app, look no further. Suntech Apps has got you covered!

Our on-demand medicine delivery app solutions? They're not merely good – they're the best. Think of distinctive features, top-tier UI/UX, and complete customization. We're here to ensure your app stands out and provides you with the utmost value for your investment. Let's turn it into a reality!

Get Access To Edge Cutting Pharmacy Delivery App Like

If you're thinking about diving into the world of pharmacy delivery apps, you've landed in the right spot. We're here to shake up the future of medicine delivery. Enter our game-changing app, crafted to flip healthcare accessibility on its head. Imagine having a world of cutting-edge medicines right at your fingertips – that's what we're all about. Our app is a breeze to use, blending an easy interface with top-notch tech to bring you convenience, reliability, and innovation, all wrapped up in a package that keeps your well-being in check. Ready to embrace the future of healthcare? Our app is here to make it happen!

App Like 1mg

Ever thought about having an app like 1mg? Well, guess what? Our team of experts is ready to turn that vision of yours into reality. We're all about creating new solutions that help folks manage their health through user-friendly experiences and medical databases. Let's team up and build the future of healthcare together!

App Like Capsule

Now, picture this: an app like Capsule redefining pharmacy experiences. Our skilled developers are geared up to turn your vision into a user-friendly platform that simplifies medication management and boosts customer satisfaction. Let's revolutionize how people access and receive their prescriptions – together, we'll shape the future of pharmacy services!

App Like Walgreens

And hey, if you're ready to shake up the retail pharmacy game with an app like Walgreens, we're the team for the job. Our experts are all set to turn your vision into an online platform that covers everything from medical services to shopping, prescription management, and personalized health services. Let's redefine the future of pharmacy together!

Custom Pharmacy Delivery App Development: The
Pivotal Features

Medical app development is changing the healthcare game by bringing medicines and healthcare products right to your doorstep. At SunTech Applications, we're the go-to team for a range of online pharmacy app development solutions that are not just good but fantastic! Here's a sneak peek at some amazing features our apps bring to the table:

  • Customer Panel
  • Pharmacist Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Advanced Features

Customer Panel

  • Uploading Prescription

    Need to upload your prescription? Easy peasy! Just click and upload on the mobile app.

  • Easy Onboarding

    Getting started is a cakewalk. Customers can jump in using seamless social and email login options.

  • Drug Information

    Before placing an order, get all the deets on your meds. We provide detailed drug information for your peace of mind.

  • Order Tracking

    Stay in the loop with real-time updates on your mobile app. Track your medicine order effortlessly. Reach out to our pharmacy app development company for the lowdown.

  • Manage Profile

    Take control! Users can manage their profiles by providing the necessary information.

  • Medicine Reminders

    No more forgetting! Our users receive smart alerts and updates to take their meds on time and restock when needed.

Pharmacist Panel

  • Dedicated Interface

    Pharmacists, listen up! With our on-demand pharmacy delivery app, you get to dive into a user-friendly, interactive interface. It's designed just for you, making it a breeze to create and manage orders.

  • Order Notifications

    Stay in the know! Receive alerts and notifications about your pharmacy orders, whether it's through the web or good ol' email notifications. We've got your back!

  • Digital Prescriptions

    We're all about making life easier. Our on-demand pharmacy delivery app lets you review digitized prescriptions uploaded by customers. No more dealing with paper – it's all digital and hassle-free.

Admin Panel

  • Manage Inventory

    Keep it stocked and ready! Our admin features allow you to add new medicines, receive alerts about low inventory, manage medicine pricing, and more.

  • Manage Pharmacists

    Build and maintain a stellar team of medicine experts! Our admin tools help you in recruiting and managing experienced pharmacists to review orders and provide top-notch service.

  • Manage Orders

    Take control! The admin panel lets you view all medicine orders in one place. Track their status and get fulfillment details, making order management a breeze.

  • Manage Customers

    Security first! Safeguard vital information with our secure database, managing customer profiles and ensuring their information is in good hands.

  • Content Management

    Keep it fresh! Admins can easily manage content on the pharmacy delivery app and web portal. Stay up-to-date and relevant with a few clicks.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Data-driven decisions for the win! Our reporting and analytics tools provide meaningful insights into your pharmaceutical business. Stay on top of things and make informed decisions for the best results.

Advanced Features

  • Schedule Delivery or Order Now

    It's all about convenience! Customers can order their prescribed medicines through our medical delivery app. Whether you need instant delivery or want to schedule it for later, it's all about what works for you.

  • Push Notification

    Stay in the loop! Our app lets pharmacists send notifications directly to users. No more missing out on important updates.

  • Managing Online Outlets

    Pharmacists and owners, listen up! List your medicines and drugs on the online outlet effortlessly. Provide details like name, price, quantity, and a description of the medicines to keep things crystal clear.

  • Advanced Search Filter

    Finding what you need, pronto! Our medical delivery app offers users the power of an advanced search filter. Instantly locate the medicines of your choice with ease.

  • Ease of Payments

    Simple and secure! Customers can use the app's secure payment gateway to swiftly and safely pay for their medicine orders. No fuss, just quick and easy transactions.

  • Discounts and Offers

    Who doesn't love a good deal? Our app keeps end users in the loop with real-time updates on upcoming discounts and offers on medicines. Get the scoop through push notifications and save big on your prescriptions.

How Does It Works?

The pharmacy delivery app is a game-changer in so many ways. This online medical app lets customers order their medicine and have it delivered right to their doorstep, no need to make a trip to the pharmacy. Here's a rundown of how this online pharmacy app works:

  • 1


    Easy-peasy sign-up! Quick and accurate user verification in no time. You can even sign up using your social media login instead of going through the email or phone hassle.

  • 2

    Find Medicine

    Empowered search at your fingertips! Users can find and order their desired medicine within seconds. Plus, they can also scout for fitness supplements hassle-free.

  • 3

    Order Prescribed Medicine

    No need to leave the house! Users can upload their digital prescriptions on the best medicine discount app. After payment, the medicine gets delivered right to their location.

  • 4


    Can't find what you need? No problem! If a particular medicine or supplement is unavailable, users can easily search for alternatives.

  • 5

    Payment Modes

    Options galore! Users can pay via multiple payment modes for their medicine orders on the pharmacy delivery app. It even includes a mobile wallet, making the app stand out from the rest.

  • 6

    Rating & Reviews

    Have your say! Users can post their ratings and feedback about the pharmacy delivery app. Your opinion matters!

Complete Range of Pharmacy Delivery App Development Solutions By SunTech Applications

SunTech Applications stands tall as a leading mobile app development company. Our expert team not only boasts in-depth knowledge but also harnesses the power of the latest development tools and technology, pulling out all the stops to create the ultimate user experience. If you're on the lookout for an on-demand pharmacy delivery app, look no further – you can trust us. We're here to assist you to the best of our knowledge.

Our online pharmacy delivery app by SunTech Applications includes:

App for Customers

It's all in one! From uploading prescriptions to tracking orders and medicine reminders, our solutions are a perfect fit for seamless medicine ordering.

App for Pharmacists

Pharmacists, rejoice! Our app for pharmacy delivery comes packed with a dashboard, order notifications, digital prescriptions, and stock updating. These functionalities ensure smooth operations for your online medicine store.

Web Admin Panel

Admins, take the reins! Our web admin panel allows you to manage tasks through a single dashboard. From user and content management to order management, it's all there at your fingertips.

Now, let's dive into some additional options

Online Pharmacy Delivery App
Pharmacy Delivery Boy App
Pharmacy Delivery App for Stores
Medical Store Inventory Management App
Aggregator Pharmacy Delivery App
Online Consultation & Pharmacy App
Online Pharmacy App for Chains
B2B Pharmacy Delivery App
And guess what? We love a good challenge! It's always a thrill for us to customize the product according to the client's requirements. So, with us, you not only get a solution but a unique and tailored medicine delivery app. Ready for your next big thing? Let's make it happen!
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Pharmacy Delivery App Solutions Cost Estimation

In developing pharmacy delivery app solutions, various components play a crucial role, each contributing to the overall cost of the app. Let's take a sneak peek into some key aspects of pharmacy delivery app development:

Medical App Designing

Designing is a game-changer. Designers weave their magic to create a user-friendly interface and incorporate UI/UX elements for the best app experience. This phase includes the cost of designing tools and professionals.

Medical App Development Tools

A robust backend is a must for an online pharmacy delivery app. Activities like inventory management rely on strong database programming. Developers invest in high-quality development tools, adding to the overall cost.

Medical App Platform

Choosing the right platform matters. Whether it's Web, Android, or iOS, each has its own associated cost. Opting for a cross-platform pharmacy delivery app can be a cost-effective solution to target users across platforms.

Medical App Team Structure

Building a team is crucial. Pharmacy app developers, team leaders, project managers, and QA professionals come together to develop an on-demand pharmacy delivery app. The team size depends on the project's scale, contributing to the total project cost.

Medical App Features & Functionalities

Features and functionalities are the heart of the app. Online medicine apps need top-notch features to facilitate seamless medicine ordering. The more features, the higher the cost.

Medical App Project Complexity

Project complexity plays a significant role in cost determination. Small projects require fewer resources, time, and energy, while complex projects demand more, thus affecting the overall cost.

Medical App Third-Party APIs

Third-party APIs enhance functionality, making the online pharmacy app stand out. However, these APIs come with a cost. Integrating them increases the app's overall cost.

Medical App Testing

Testing is a must to ensure a bug-free and secure solution. The tools used in testing contribute to the cost, ensuring data security and privacy.

Why Choose Us For Developing Fast Pharmacy Delivery App?

Apps like 1mg in the medicine delivery realm are making waves, and if you've got a unique idea, you can seize this advantage too. We're here to turn your idea into an outstanding on-demand pharmacy delivery app.


High Performance

We deliver a high-performing app that supports the growth and excellence of your online pharmacy business. Expect nothing less than top-notch performance.


Well Tested Product

No room for doubts! We thoroughly test the solution, ironing out any bugs or issues before delivering it to you. Your pharmacy delivery app is in safe hands.


On-Time Delivery

Time is of the essence! We highly value your time and commitment to delivering the product within a dedicated timeline. Our promise is on-time delivery of the project, every time.


Hybrid Functionality

The choice is yours! Whether you want to target a single platform or multiple platforms, we've got you covered. If you aim for multiple platforms, we're more than happy to develop a hybrid app tailored to your needs.


Data Security

Security is non-negotiable. Our experienced developers know the ins and outs of developing secure and safe solutions, ensuring overall business security. Your data is in good hands.

Benefits of Online Pharmacy Delivery App
Development Company

  • Customizable App

    Our team of pharmacy delivery app developers brings you solutions that are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Tailor the app to your preferences with our expert assistance.

  • Time and Cost-effective

    Efficiency is the name of the game! Our medical app developer team not only delivers fully customized pharmacy home delivery solutions but does so in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Quality meets affordability.

  • Amazing UI/UX

    We've got the looks! Our team has crafted different app panels – customer, pharmacist, and admin – with attractive designs and feature-rich specifications, ensuring an amazing user experience.

  • Robust and Scalable

    Built to last! Our online medical app developers leverage advanced technology to create a robust and scalable platform for seamless medicine ordering and delivery. It's a solution designed to grow your business.

  • Native Experiences

    We've got all platforms covered! Our high-end solution includes native pharmacy ordering and delivery apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Enjoy a smooth and native experience across the board.

  • Global Design

    Thinking globally! We aim to provide relevant support with multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities, ensuring your app has the reach it deserves on a global scale. Your app, your way, worldwide.

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Frequently asked question

  • How to develop pharmacy software?

    Creating software for pharmacy delivery demands a specific skill set, expertise that you can rely on with us. In the development process, the initial phase involves refining the concept for the medication delivery app. Following this, selecting a platform for constructing and launching the app becomes imperative. The subsequent essential steps include-

    • Hiring the developers
    • UX/UI designing
    • Backend development
    • Testing and launching of the application
  • What features makes an online Medicine delivery app successful?

  • How much does it cost to develop a pharmacy delivery app?

  • How much time will it take to develop your pharmacy app?

  • What’s the pharmacy app building process?


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