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Are you excited about developing a chat app? Obtain your advanced instant messenger from professionals in the industry and take advantage of the top-notch experience in instant chatting app development.

With SunTech Apps' chat app development services, businesses can get a modern instant chatting application. Our services provide a platform with many features that can be easily added to meet different business needs. Using our skills in creating special features for chatting apps, you can outperform your competitors and stand out in the market.

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IPhone and Android Chat App Development- Stay Connected With the World!

When thinking about creating an Android instant chatting app, it's important to consider factors like cost, features, and how a chat system works. Communication technology has brought the world closer, allowing sharing of ideas and expressions in seconds. Apps for instant chatting, video chat, and live streaming are powerful tools for personal and business communication. The success of platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram has influenced the rise of on-demand chatting app development. About 90.7% of online users use chatting apps to stay connected. Creating a unique chatting app can help businesses connect with potential users and make significant profits.

With our vast experience in mobile chat app development company, we are well-equipped to assist you in the successful launch of a unified chatting application that effectively targets your desired audience. Whether you prefer a PWA, iOS, or Android app, we will utilize our top-notch skills to develop the app according to your specifications.

Win customers over with our innovative chatting app solutions.

Our smart chatting apps let you connect, work together, and boost your business to amazing success. With cool features and easy-to-use design, our apps are changing the way people talk in the digital world. Dive into real-time teamwork, strong security, and easy chatting that shows the way for the future of digital talking. Come along on this cool journey of new ideas with us, as we're the leaders in making chatting better.

App Like Telegram

Our team can transform the way people connect and communicate by turning your vision into reality and developing a Telegram-like app. This secure chatting app will enable effortless file sharing and dynamic group chats, redefining communication for future generations. Let's embark on this incredible journey together to create an app that will change the way people interact.

App Like WhatsApp

Together, we can transform global communication by building the next generation chatting app. Our expert team is ready to develop a secure, feature-rich app on par with WhatsApp. We'll deliver encrypted chats, crystal-clear voice and video calls, seamless multimedia sharing, and an intuitive interface that connects people worldwide. Let's work together to create an unparalleled chatting experience that brings people closer.

App Like Snapchat

Get ready for a new way people connect and share stories with our cool app development. Just like Snapchat, our app is made to spark creativity with disappearing messages, fun filters, and awesome augmented reality features. Our skilled team is excited to bring your ideas to life, changing how people visually talk and share special moments.

Chatting App Development: The Pivotal Features

The features of an app are its core, engaging users and providing value. Our instant chatting app development solutions deliver key features that connect your users. To implement these features effectively, the app should be developed with a clear understanding of the end-user experience.

  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features


  • Signup & Login

    Signing up on the app is easy with a phone number or login ID. Users can also register and log in using their social media accounts, a crucial feature for a chat app.

  • Account Verification

    Our team ensures the validity of registered mobile numbers and email IDs when developing the chatting software, providing an extra layer of security.

  • Video Calling

    Enjoy perfect and uninterrupted video calls for rich communication experiences. Video chat app development is a must for this feature.

  • Voice Messaging

    Users can effortlessly share and send voice messages, making it simple to record audio messages, similar to the functionality in WhatsApp.

  • Real-time Chatting

    A fundamental and fantastic feature of the instant messaging app is real-time chatting. Users can share text, emojis, GIFs, and stickers seamlessly.

  • Location Sharing

    With robust map integration, users can easily share their real-time location, ensuring accurate results and enhancing the user experience.

  • Multi-linguistic Support

    This feature allows users to communicate in their native languages, supported by a multi-linguistic keyboard for user convenience.

  • Message Notification

    Users receive real-time notifications whenever they receive a text, ensuring they stay updated and engaged with the app.

  • Privacy Settings

    Complete control over privacy options, including last seen, profile picture, and status privacy, is granted to users through this feature.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard

    Keep track of all ongoing app activities effortlessly with a simplified dashboard for the chatting app admin.

  • App Update

    Update the chatting app easily with new features and functionalities using the app update feature.

  • Message Broadcasting

    Share important messages with all users through this feature, whether it's about software updates, version changes, and more.

  • User Restriction

    Admins can restrict users based on their activity and observe specific user activities reported by others.

  • Admin Account Setting

    Personalize account settings like passwords, admin account layout, and themes at any time to suit preferences.

  • Chat Group Control

    Admins can set group restrictions, determining how many users can be added, sharing file types, file sizes, etc.

  • CMS Integration

    Effortlessly manage app content with CMS integration, simplifying the handling of crucial information about the app.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Generate reports for analysis, strategy-making, and insight into app activities over a week, month, or year.

  • User’s Account Management

    Admins can delete accounts based on user activity, ensuring that inactive accounts are removed with a single click through the admin panel after a certain period.

Additional Features

  • Language Translation

    This feature lets users translate received texts into their native language, making the chatting app more accessible to a diverse user base.

  • Multimedia Files

    Users can effortlessly share multimedia files of various formats and sizes, including audio, video, contacts, PDFs, and more.

  • Security

    Ensure end-to-end encryption for texts or video calls, providing a secure communication environment for both iOS and Android chatting app development.

  • Quick Search

    Enable users to swiftly search for specific messages by entering keywords into the search box, streamlining message retrieval.

  • Theme Management

    Offer a variety of themes for users to customize the app's appearance according to their preferences, allowing them to change it as needed.

  • Stories

    Integrate a feature similar to Instagram stories, allowing users to easily upload and share memorable moments with friends.

  • Chat Management

    Provide options like 'Delete for everyone' or 'Delete for me,' enabling users to delete files and clear chat group messages.

  • Tabbed Chat

    A delicate feature that organizes all chats or messages in tab form, making it easy for users to keep track of their conversations.

  • Conference Call

    Efficiently call multiple users in a single conference call, providing a fantastic way for individuals to connect with multiple users simultaneously.

How Does It Works?

To develop a chatting app like WhatsApp with the help of a development company or chat app developer, it is crucial to thoroughly understand how WhatsApp works. WhatsApp is a prime example of a widely used and popular instant chatting app. Your app should emulate key features that make WhatsApp so successful among millions of users worldwide. These include how WhatsApp handles messaging, groups, media sharing, encryption, and other core functionalities. A strong grasp of WhatsApp's approach will enable you to create a high-quality chat app that users will love.

  • 1


    To get started, users simply need to enter their phone number for a quick and easy sign-up and login process.

  • 2

    Backup Setup

    Ensure your communications are secure by setting up a backup device, allowing you to back up messages either weekly or daily.

  • 3

    Profile Information

    Personalize your experience by setting up your profile, including uploading an image and creating a unique profile.

  • 4


    Once set up, users can start chatting with others and enjoy the best messaging experience.

  • 5

    Chat Group

    Enhance communication by creating group chats to share messages or multimedia with multiple people.

  • 6

    Accessing Via Web

    For added convenience, users can access the app by scanning the QR code on their browser, similar to popular messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Complete Range of Instant Chatting App Development Solutions by SunTech Applications

SunTech Applications offers a wide range of instant messaging app development solutions for Android, iOS, and cross-platform apps. As a well-known web and mobile development company, we create feature-rich, tailored business chatting apps based on your requirements. Hire our dedicated developers for top-notch instant chatting app services.

Our mobile chat app development core parts include-

App for Users

Within the user panel of the chatting app, users will discover a multitude of captivating features. These encompass sign-up capabilities, profile management, story uploading, multimedia sharing, video calling, voice calling, and numerous other functionalities.

Admin Panel

The admin panel includes a powerful dashboard and other useful features that help chatting app owners and administrators manage key tasks such as user management, app updates, and more.

Additional Features

Our mobile chat application stands out from ordinary ones thanks to its many customizable additional features that enhance its value. With mentioned core components, you can find the following solutions interesting-

Now, let's dive into some additional options

App Like WhatsApp
App Like Snapchat
App Like WeChat
App Like Viber
App Like Line
App Like Messenger
App Like Skype
App Like Snapchat
And guess what? We love a good challenge! It's always a thrill for us to customize the product according to the client's requirements. So, with us, you not only get a solution but a unique and Chatting App Development Solutions. Ready for your next big thing? Let's make it happen!
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Chatting App Development Cost Estimation

Creating a messaging app is not easy and can be expensive. While using the app is simple, making it requires a lot of planning, effort, and the right technology. After making it, the app needs testing in different situations to find and fix any problems. The cost of making a good chatting app depends on various factors.


The choice of platform significantly impacts the cost of chatting apps. Developing apps for the web, iOS, and Android platforms incurs different costs.

UI/UX Components

A captivating UI/UX design attracts more users and keeps them engaged. The tools used for designing influence the cost of development.


The inclusion of features determines the app's utility and user satisfaction. Implementing features involves costs, especially when using paid tools for enhanced app experiences.

Tech Stack

Creating a robust and scalable tech stack is essential for backend and frontend development. While it incurs costs, a well-built tech stack ensures optimal results.

Third-Party APIs

Integrating third-party APIs adds unique functionalities to your messaging app, enhancing its value. This customization requires additional investment.

App Testing

Thorough testing is crucial for building fully functional and flawless chat applications. While manual testing is essential, investing in paid testing tools ensures optimal results.

Database Storage

To meet user demands and handle data efficiently, a strong database is essential. Cloud databases are a trending solution, albeit with associated costs.

Project Complexity

The complexity of an app directly correlates with its development cost and team size. Higher complexity involves more developers, raising the overall cost of messaging apps.

Why Choose Us for Chatting App Development?

SunTech Apps is a well-known company that creates mobile and web applications. They are leaders in their industry and have helped famous global brands with their top-quality services. There are many good reasons to consider working with SunTech Apps.


Trending Solutions:

We focus on using the latest trends and cutting-edge technology to provide business solutions, which helps businesses grow.


Credible Solutions:

Our experts handle projects from start to finish, ensuring that the developed app meets all business needs.


Diversified Experience:

With experience in various industries, we can create high-quality applications for businesses of any nature.



Having access to technical and human resources sets us apart. We ensure that each project receives the right resources for successful development.


Scalable Products:

We prioritize scalability in messaging app development, ensuring our solutions meet future needs.



While spending is necessary for business needs, we focus on making every client's spending result-oriented and cost-effective.

Benefits of Chatting App Development Solutions

Here are the advantages of utilizing chatting app development solutions for your business needs.

  • Cutting-Edge App

    Our app is built to function exceptionally well, providing you with the best communication experience. It's easy to use and ensures seamless communication every time you use it.

  • Feature Rich

    Packed with great features, our chatting app helps you create a unique platform that brings significant benefits to your business.

  • File Sharing

    Users can effortlessly share unlimited files of various formats and sizes using our app. Just make sure to have a good internet connection for optimal use.

  • Light Weight App

    At SunTech Apps, we've developed user-friendly chatting app solutions with rich features, making it easy for people to install and use the app effortlessly.

  • Contact Syncing

    Contact syncing is essential for effective communication, enhancing the chat experience in intriguing ways.

  • Connectivity

    A strong and reliable connection is vital for the app's smooth functioning. Our app ensures uninterrupted service even under low network connections.

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Frequently asked question

  • What do you mean by WhatsApp Clone?

    A WhatsApp clone is like a copy of WhatsApp, with similar features, but it may also have some extra things. Just like on WhatsApp, you can send documents, audio, and videos, and you can also make voice and video calls.

    • Hiring the developers
    • UX/UI designing
    • Backend development
    • Testing and launching of the application
  • How much does it cost to develop an instant chatting app like WhatsApp?

  • What kind is tech stack required for developing an instant chatting app?

  • Will I get post-development technical support for my chatting app?


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