As per a report in the year 2011, 94% of opulent 500 companies work on dedicated hiring procedure Not only it stimulates company’s growth, but also helps in freeing up the internal staff assets of the company.

In today’s era, wide number of global companies are opting for outsourcing, as it renders high profits in contrast to the conventional scenario.

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WhatsApp - Talking of diverse triumph stories, big names like WhatsApp, becoming one of the most used chat application, volunteered for dedicated hiring from Russia, in order to cope up with the requirements of the company. It achieved remarkable success in a short span, amassing a total of 50 million downloads.

Citigroup -The prominent American corporation, has been outsourcing since 1992, and it attests to being a genuine center of excellence. Wipro and Tata Consultancy services are among the prevalent names that Citigroup picked for the medley of dedicated hiring.

Klout - Another popular name that has been capable of fetching prodigious profits through dedicated hiring. The company hired development employees from Singapore and in no time, collected a gigantic funding of 40 million dollars.


Effective online exposure through various press releases plays a crucial role in promoting the brand. With such services, it becomes imperative for people to become more aware of the enterprise. SunTech Apps offers numerous press release facilities to enhance brand awareness among people.

Agile Development Services
Agile Development Services


Becoming a latest sensation on World Wide Web, lead generation for a company automatically gets a boost. SunTech Apps services enhance business development by helping clients generate more leads.

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SunTech Applications seamlessly integrates business processes to provide user-friendly and accessible mobile solutions. Our designs are compatible with various devices and technologies, ensuring your users can stay connected across all platforms. Our mobility services adapt accordingly, maintaining a strong mobile enterprise presence that fuels your organization's growth.
At SunTech Apps, we firmly believe that the finest mobile experiences are meticulously crafted and customized from the ground up. When we render services for iOS, we optimize our apps for its respective paradigm. When we construct for Android, we make full use of Android's functionality. By incorporating the device's DNA, the application seamlessly harnesses its capabilities, resulting in a captivating and effortless mobile experience.

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Cloud computing offers speed, agility, and scalability, driving innovation and reducing costs. An experienced cloud consulting partner like SunTech Apps makes sure the cloud solutions you choose truly reflect the needs of your business, for the very first time, we start working on it. We partner with you to understand your objectives and long-term vision, taking a structured approach to evaluate and derive the most value from cloud options. We use our technology and domain expertise to reduce project timelines and deployment menaces.

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The era of the traditional "website" is coming to a close, making way for the "web application." These web applications share architecture similarities with native applications but have the distinction of operating within web browsers on various devices. This marks the most significant shift in web architecture in over a decade, as we transition from rigid, hard-coded approaches to more flexible, decoupled architectures reminiscent of native applications.

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This move is resulting in:

  • Faster development timelines
  • Reductions in build and maintenance costs
  • Increased flexibility
  • Advanced user experiences (UX)
  • Reuse of back-end systems and APIs

At SunTech Apps, our web application’s team is at the vanguard of implementing the feasible changes. Doesn’t matter if it is about building browser-based solutions for large media companies or helping remote sales forces access content from anywhere, our approach is the same, i.e. focus heavily on creating complete user experiences by using best-in-class tools and frameworks. New approaches such as Single Page Architecture (SPA) enable us to reshape the user experience, enhancing both speed and flexibility. Projects often start with technical-architecture strategy sessions, where we work closely with clients to determine:

  • Where logic resides
  • API design
  • Caching strategies

We continuously evaluate the latest web and mobile app development approaches so that we can build erudite and well-vetted solutions for our clients.

  • Luciditybe vested in
  • Interface designing
  • Accumulatingstratagems

Evaluation of the application development consist of various approaches, in order to provide desirable results for the clienteles. Our current preferred web frameworks and toolsets include:

  • React
  • Backbone
  • AngularJS
  • ROR

Adopting different methodologies for a single solution is an effective approach, and this is what we aim for. Selection of the technology being used, is made after arduous research. Another factor that plays an important role is the trending technology, being compatible with the platform. SunTech Apps Web & Mobile Web App Development Services are rendered through:

  • UX Strategy & Design for Web / Mobile
  • Web Apps
  • Angular JS
  • Hybrid Native / Web Apps

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Agile software development has quickly proven its value in delivering high-quality applications that effectively meets the customer needs. SunTech Apps agile developers produce superior code that is easier to maintain, adapt and extend. Our agile development practices, including regular deliveries, continuous integration, and automation of build, deployment, and testing, have minimized risks and rework.

While embracing agile design principles is crucial, the transition is not always straightforward. Successful agile adoption means changing entrenched cultural patterns and processes—there is no "one size fits all" approach. Every code needs to be executed in its unique way. We can guide you through every single step of the transformation, and elaborate the services being provided.


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