On Demand Home Services App Development

Running a household can be a bit of a hassle with all the cleaning, laundry, and chores, right? Well, here's some good news! Thanks to on-demand home services, you don't have to do everything yourself. There are fantastic apps for household cleaning that make life a lot easier.

Guess what? We get it! We're a team that creates apps for home services, and we understand how important it is to make your life a bit more relaxed. If you're searching for solutions, you're in the right place. We as a home services app development company have everything you need for your household.

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On-Demand Home Services App Development Company

SunTech Apps is one of the top cleaning app development companies and is great at making amazing cleaning apps! 🚀 With a ton of experience in mobile app development for businesses worldwide, we're known for making home services app development that is packed with features and super easy for users.

You know those apps where you tap a button on your smartphone, and bam, you've got services ready to go? That's the trend, and it's big! The global market for on-demand home services apps is expected to reach a whopping $1574.86 billion by 2024. That's a significant amount, right? The fact that there are loads of these apps out there shows how much people want them.

So, if you need a top-notch household cleaning or service app for your business, we've got the perfect solution. Our app developers? They're no beginners. They've been in the mobile app scene for over a decade – creating, implementing, and launching apps like pros.

Take your on-demand home services to the next level with our smooth solutions

Enhance your home with the help of SunTech Apps' advanced solutions offered through our on-demand home services. Our convenient and sophisticated platform connects homeowners with skilled professionals, catering to a diverse range of service requirements. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, renovations, or cleaning, our innovative app ensures efficient and dependable services that are easily accessible. Embrace the future of home services today by partnering with us!

App Like Urban Clap

Are you looking to create an app as remarkable as Urban Clap, the leading player in on-demand home services? Your search ends here! SunTech Apps is renowned for its expertise in developing apps that are not only robust and user-friendly but also capable of achieving the same level of success as Urban Clap.

App Like Handy

Looking to create an app like Handy, the renowned on-demand home services platform? Don't worry, we've got you covered! SunTech Apps is a trusted name in developing high-quality applications that can match Handy's success. Join forces with us to build a user-friendly app that effortlessly connects users with experts for various home services, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. Let's bring your idea to life!

App Like TaskRabbit

Your search for an app like TaskRabbit ends here! SunTech Apps excels in creating high-performing applications that replicate the success of TaskRabbit. Join forces with us to develop a dynamic and intuitive app that connects individuals with skilled taskers, revolutionizing the way tasks are assigned. Let's turn your app idea into a tangible product!

On-Demand Household Services App Development: The
Pivotal Features

We recognize and appreciate the needs of a loyal customer base by providing them with referrals, discounts, and coupons. Our on-demand handyman app development services bring benefits to a variety of customers. Some of the standout features include:

  • User Panel
  • Service Provider Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Advanced Features

User Panel

  • Service Booking

    We provide advanced filter and search options to make service booking easy.

  • Schedule Booking

    Customers can easily book urgent cleaning services using our user-friendly scheduling system.

  • Instant Quotes

    Upon submitting a service request, customers receive immediate quotes along with the corresponding invoice.

  • Setting up Regular Cleaning

    For added convenience, customers can book regular cleaning sessions.

  • Switching

    It's easy to switch between cleaners provided by the service provider.

  • Instant Support

    In case of emergencies, we offer prompt support to our customers.

Service Provider Panel

  • Easy Registration

    Our app allows home service provider firms to register easily.

  • In-Built Chat

    Service providers and customers can communicate with each other through our built-in chat feature.

  • Bookings

    We can accept or reject bookings based on service availability.

  • Service Packages

    Our home service app streamlines the process for service providers to create service packages.

  • Payment Management

    Our house cleaning app simplifies payment management for service providers.

  • Service History

    Service providers can check their weekly or monthly work history with a single click and on a single window.

Admin Panel

  • User Management

    The admin has control over all user-related activities, including adding new users or removing inactive ones.

  • Service Provider Management

    This feature allows the admin to efficiently manage tasks related to multiple service providers within a single panel.

  • Discounts & Offers

    The admin can create special offers, deals, and discounts to engage users in the best possible way.

  • Dashboard

    The dashboard serves as a control panel where the admin has all the rights to oversee the overall app activity.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    The admin can generate reports for analysis, aiding in the development of better business strategies for the app.

  • Ad Management

    With a single click, the admin can manage ad creation efficiently.

Advanced Features

  • Payment Gateway

    Our household cleaning app development services make paying easy and secure. We have a safe payment method with multiple security layers. You can choose how to pay, including using an e-wallet. SunTech Apps has made sure our payment system is super secure.

  • Rating and Review

    After you use our services, you can tell us what you think. Your feedback helps us get better. Our customers trust us because we have complete insurance coverage for our household cleaning services.

  • Push Notifications

    We'll keep you in the loop about our household services and other things with messages. We also check things in real time with just a few clicks to make sure everything is running smoothly. We want our app to be easy for you.

  • Cutting Edge Tech Stack

    SunTech Applications' web development team is proficient in the latest technology, offering users access to top-notch household services that meet all requirements. Our app includes a built-in navigation facility, making it easy for customers to find neighborhood cleaners.

  • Communication through the Platform

    Our on-demand home service application facilitates effortless communication between service providers and customers. In-app communication streamlines businesses' outreach to potential clients.

  • Detailed Profile View

    The household service platform features a highly preferred option – a detailed profile view. Users can learn more about the cleaner or service provider before scheduling services, ensuring transparency and information availability.

How Does It Works?

The on-demand handyman app development services offered by SunTech Applications are truly exceptional and innovative. This includes the utilization of real-time processing to ensure smooth interactions between customers, service providers, and other involved parties. Once registered, users and customers can seamlessly navigate through the platform.

  • 1


    The easy user signup process ensures users have a smooth experience with the best home services app. Once registered, users can request services from providers.

  • 2

    Choose Services

    A well-designed option allows users to easily select the home services they want.

  • 3

    Location-Based Demand

    Users can request services at a specific location, whether it's their office or an alternative home.

  • 4

    Multiple Services in One Request

    Users can request several services at once by choosing from a variety of options.

  • 5


    The on-demand household cleaning app offers multiple payment options, with mobile wallets adding an extra layer of convenience.

  • 6

    Service Review

    Users can effortlessly rate the service provider and provide feedback.

Complete Range of Home Services App Solutions By SunTech Applications

Our expertise lies in offering a broad range of on demand home services app development. Just share your requirements, and we'll customize the app accordingly. Our dedicated team of app developers is committed to ensuring that the app is rich in features and functions seamlessly. Our app solutions are highly competitive when it comes to reaching and engaging customers.

Here are the core components you'll find in the home services app, along with additional functionalities:

App for Customers

The customer's panel includes features like service booking, schedule booking, instant support, and many other fantastic features.

App for Service Providers

The service provider's app includes features such as service registration, in-built chat, booking management, service packages, payment management, and several others.

Admin Panel

The admin panel empowers administrators to manage user activity, including customers and service providers. It comes with a powerful dashboard and additional features like reporting and analysis, ad management, discounts and offers, and more.

In addition to core components you will find the following solutions interesting-

Household Service Mobile App
Home Service Web App
On-demand Home Services App
Aggregator Home Service App
House Cleaning App
Home Maintenance App
Home Shifting App
Home Renovation App
And guess what? We love a good challenge! It's always a thrill for us to customize the product according to the client's requirements. So, with us, you not only get a solution but a unique and tailored home services app. Ready for your next big thing? Let's make it happen!
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Home Services App Development Services

Thanks to technology getting better, our lives are easier now. A big reason for this is the on demand home services app development. This app is super important in today's world. It doesn't just help people in their personal lives, but it's also a great way for people to start their businesses. Picture this: you can get lots of different services like plumbing, electrician help, repairs, fitness training, beauty services, and more, all in one app!

At SunTech Applications, we're proud of our team of really skilled home services app developers. These experts know a lot and are good at what they do. We don't just make regular apps; we focus on making custom apps that fit exactly what your business needs. We aim to make sure that your journey in making a mobile app is amazing. Let us help you make your ideas come to life!

Home Services App Cost Estimation


Choosing where your app works, like on Android or iPhone, affects how much it costs. If you want it on both, it's more expensive.


Imagine your app is a tool. The more things (features) it can do, the more it costs to build.

Graphics Designing

Making your app look good is important for users. Using special tools for nice pictures and designs costs extra money.

Robust Backend

The engine behind your app needs to be strong and able to handle many users. The way we build it affects the overall cost.

Tech Stack

Think of this like choosing the tools for building both the inside and outside of your app. Each tool choice can change the total cost.


Your app is like a big box. You need enough space inside it to keep all the user information and other stuff. Not having enough space can make it cost more.

App Security

Just like you lock your house to keep it safe, the app needs security to keep user information safe from online threats. Adding this safety feature costs extra.

App Testing

Before you use anything, you want to make sure it works, right? Testing the app is like making sure all the parts work well together. The tools for testing add to the total cost.

Why Choose Us For On-demand Home Services App Development?

SunTech Applications is a reputable mobile app development company specializing in creating exceptional home services apps. By choosing our services, you can take your business to the next level. We take pride in tailoring the application to meet your specific requirements.


Certified Developers

Our team consists of certified developers with extensive experience and deep knowledge of mobile app development.



We understand what it takes to build a scalable app, ensuring that you have the best possible user experience.



Our experts prioritize the development of secure solutions, safeguarding users' data from cyber threats.


Fast Delivery

We are committed to delivering your product promptly, meeting deadlines as a natural part of our development process.


Unique Development Process

Our innovative development process sets us apart as a leading company in home services app development.


Interactive User Interface

The app will feature an interactive user interface designed to provide the utmost satisfaction during usage.

Benefits of Using Our Household Cleaning Solutions

  • Customizable App

    At SunTech Applications, we make personalized apps and house cleaning services with special features. Users can change the service to fit their needs. We care about our brand and making things customizable for both customers and service providers.

  • Faster Time to Market

    SunTech Applications helps clients get their services out quickly. This means they can get help faster without waiting a long time. Our services are quick and save valuable resources for customers.

  • On-Demand Solutions

    Our platform is great at making on-demand household services. We use reliable technology to offer different services to users and service providers. It's easy and convenient for everyone.

  • User-Friendly

    Our team thinks about users when creating services. We want to make things easy for users, so we include all the important features simply. We keep making our services better over time to give users a great experience.

  • Consistent Support

    In our platform, we have a dedicated support system to make sure our clients get the most out of their investments. Whether you need help right away or ongoing support, SunTech Applications is here 24/7 for any technical issues.

  • Scalability

    Our on-demand house cleaning solutions are easy to use and have lots of functions. They grow with your needs, providing reliability and flexibility for users without any hassle.

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Frequently asked question

  • What are on-demand home services?

    Creating apps for on-demand home services is like bringing online services into the real world to make things easier. With these apps, people can get different services right from their homes.

    This makes life more convenient and saves time. Also, it makes sure that the services you get are good because these apps connect you with trustworthy and professional service providers. Many of these services can even deliver things to your home, making everything super easy.

    House cleaning apps are great for getting help with household chores. They offer various services, like cleaning and home maintenance, making it simple for you to manage your home.

  • How can we grow on-demand home service business market?

  • What are the benefits of online home services?

  • How much time will it take to build my home service marketplace app?

  • How much does it cost to develop an on-demand home service app?


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